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Milites Lucis, Jul 6, 11 5:49 AM.
In the Guild we only speak 1 Language! English!

When we raid we also speak english as we do in the Guild-Chat!

If u dont understand english and speak english! THEN this guild isnt a guild for you!


Milites Lucis, Jul 6, 11 3:53 AM.
"How to make a Application"

To make a Application, you need to press Join Milites Lucis (Register)! Then make your own account on the website.

When you have done that, you can go in Forum, under Application (Copy the Application template) & then make your own Application there!
Then the 2 Guild Masters & Officers will have an look and see if you are good enough & if you are that kind of player, that we are in need of!

"Before you make the Application"

Before you make your Application to our guild, we expect you have readed the "Rules" on the start side! We expect that you know all that you need about your class. Exemple readed on Guides & That stuff!

To aim a good guild reputaion you could leave an link of the website where you had your char information from (In youre Application)

Milites Lucis

Milites Lucis, Jul 6, 11 3:31 AM.
Hello Guys!

"Milites Lucis" is a newformed guild on the server Silvermoon-Eu. We did start 5/7-011! Were currently recruiting peoples for our Main/Core Team! (U can see in the Recruiting)

As a start we will down 12/12, then we will intiate on the HC progress & then is our next step Firelands!

"To the peoples who wants to join the Main/Core Team"

As a member of the guild we expect that if people signs up for a raid, then they come and dont say they cant come anyway the last day. You need to say it atleast days before the raid is on (ofc only if you have signed up)

You also need atleast 12/12 done in Normal for joining the guild. We want that becouse, then we can start faster and come further in the progress faster!

You need to have an Age on 17+! for joining the guild!

When you join the Main/Core Team we expect that you are active & are able to join the Raids & If u cant be able to meet up, then we expect that you tell us in good time (Chrysist / Craazyangel)

"To the peoples who wants to join as Social"

As a social u can join free, but tho you need have an Age on 17+!

In the guild were also having alot of fun & the social members can ofc also have use of the Voice Chat that we will use!

U can /w Chrysist or Craazyangel for more Information Ingame!


As the Main/Core Team we are gonna use DKP, becouse then we know that the best worked peoples have first prioti on the gear!

If you are in the Main/Core Team & are keeping failing on the same things, then we - your DKP. Ofc we wont do it first or second fail. But if u keep doing the same fail! Becouse we expect that people can learn from there own fails. We also expect that peoples knows the tactis when they got the Achi!

You need to have readed up, when we are gonna to intiate on the HC Progress. If not, we will - your DKP

We dont wanna hear peoples to scream & enrage on the Voice Chat or just in the Guild Chat. Exemple if u dont got your gear or if we wipe on the same things a few times.

No racism! AT ALL!

When u join the Main/Core Team we expect you are Active (specielly in the time youre Trial in the guild)

Daniel Jørgensen <Guild Master> (Chrysist)

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